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Yellow Jacket Hovercraft - Kirk's Story

No, that's not a bumper... it's a removable steering/tow bar.

  • Number: 7
  • Built: January, 98 by Kirk Swaney
  • Vehicle weight: 160 lb. (without driver or ballast)
  • Configuration: cycle car, open cockpit
  • Max length: 11'-1"
  • Max width: 44"
  • Max height: 23.5"
  • CG: approximately 18" behind front axle CL.
  • Wheel base: 71" (center line to centerline)
  • Track width: 36.5" (tire center line to tire centerline)
  • Drive motor: Scott (3hp Peak) or Pentad 5.1E (6hp Peak)
  • Speed Controller: Curtis
  • Drive system: Swaney WHISPER Drive System.
  • Batteries: Two SRM-22NF (deep cycle lead acid) in series (24v), less than 64lb. total.
  • Brakes: caliper (2 front wheels only)
  • Suspension: front wheels only, using skiís as leaf springs.
  • Frame construction: mild steel, 1" box, smaller structural is .5" box. All gas welded.
  • Steering: center pivot, two stick control
  • Wheels & Tires: common alloy 20" hubs and rims, 100psi